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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knock, Knock. " Who's There?"

So, Little Rock wants to add "another layer of safety" to protect us from solicitors coming to our doorstep, huh?  Consider the following: 
1.  Knock, Knock.  "Who's There?"  "Joe."  "Joe who?"  "Joe from ABC Widget Company". "Do you have a permit and ID?"  "Yes".  "May I see it?"  "OK, come on in".
2.  Knock, Knock.  "Who's there?"  "Jim".  "Jim who?  "Jim from XYZ DoDad, Inc."  "Do you have a permit and ID?"  "No".  "Go away before I call the police."
3.  Knock, Knock.  "Who's there?"  "John".  "John who?"  "John from Mayberry High School."  "How old are you?"  "Sixteen."  "OK, come on in."
4.  Knock, Knock.  "Who's there?"  "Jack."  "Jack who?"  "Jack from Mayberry High School." "How old are you?"  "Seventeen."  "Go away before I call the police."
5.  Knock, Knock.  "Who's there?"  "Mary."  "Mary who?"  "Mary from the Susie Smith Campaign."  "OK, come on in."
6.  Knock, Knock.  "Who's there?"  "Sarah."  "Sarah who?"  "Sarah from the Do Right Church."  "OK, come on in."

Get the picture?  With all of the major needs and issues confronting the City of Little Rock (e.g. budget woes, homelessness, deteriorating infrastructure, etc.), why in the world would City Hall want to waste time, energy and resources on this dubious endeavor which many feel is totally unenforceable anyway?  In 1978 the Supreme Court rendered a decision in the famous FCC v. Pacifica Foundation case centered on the broadcast of George Carlin's "filthy words" monologue which basically ruled against Mr. Carlin.  But in that decision it was duly noted that the ability of the public to change channels or turn their television sets off were reasonable and effective solutions for anyone who might be offended by such language.  Can't that same simple logic be applied to this situation - i.e. if you want to spare yourself the possible scenarios noted above, just don't answer the door.  Otherwise, answer it and deal with each individual situation on a case by case basis using your own judgment and personal experience.    

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